I first learned of this Beamsville, Niagara apiary through Chef David Garcelon.  Chef had been investigating mead and he learned of a winery in Niagara that seemed to have the best product on the market. Chef wanted to make mead too, but chose to leave it to the professionals and the LCBO. I was more interested in the winery’s beekeeping, because where there is mead there is a honey source. I pursued working with this Niagara apiary of three generations and have also taken their honey to New York for a media taste test. While in New York, this Niagara liquid gold was offered up against the city bee Royal York Honey and other Ontario purveyors, as well as a familiar mass-market pasteurized honey. The Beamsville, Niagara honey has emerged the winner of nearly all my blind tasting sessions. The bees in this region forage on clover, alfalfa, wildflowers, Russian sage, lavender and goldenrod in the harvest months. Every gram that is bottled for BEEgrrl is done  so with artisanal care and under the professional guidance of a third generation beekeeper.