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Bee Yard at The Fairmont Royal York, 100 Front St. West, Toronto

To date, the Fairmont Royal York holds the undisputed claim for being the first hotel rooftop apiary in the world. The apiary opened in June 0f 2008 with 3 hives and in the summer of 2009 honey production was increased with the addition of 3…

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Bee Yard at Downsview

The bees making the honey at the Downsview, Toronto location could almost be called rock n’ roll bees,  given their close proximity to the band shell that was established in 2003  to welcome the Rolling Stones in 2003. Since then, Downsview has become the prime…

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HIVE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: An Urban Buzz Stop for City Bee & Country Bee Products….

BEEGrrl is a tiny Toronto urban buzz stop offering bottled honey, urban beekeeping advice, supplies and a host of products from the hive.  The “DUWest” Toronto retail store is located at 2003 Dundas St. West, near Roncesvalles Village, and is open on Saturdays from noon…

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