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Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to the BEEGrrl Colony.  At BEEGrrl we consider all Workers, Drones and Queens equal and we are thrilled that you have chosen to enter our hive.

From here on in BEEGrrl will be sharing her news forage and story nectar with you.  We aim to make the information relevant and its frequency shall be as the colony moves us.

Hive privacy is important to us. We promise to NEVER EVER cross-pollinate your contact information with anyone – EVER.

You may select the link below to rev up, reduce or unsubscribe from receiving any waggle of information from BEEGrrl.

Thanks for landing on us. Should you have any suggestions, questions or pollen for us, feel free to buzz us.

BEE-est Regards,

Melanie Coates

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