BeeGrrl with chefs at the Fairmont Royal York extracting honey

BeeGrrl has been a-buzzing about the well-being of the apiary she maintains on the roof of Toronto’s Royal York, even in the midst of a lot of hot, dry weather this year. Journalist Andy Holloway interviewed BeeGrrl and recounts how this roof top beekeeping venture began what has become a very popular and profitable practice on hotel roof tops around the globe. Good for business and good for bees.

“I became a baby beekeeper and now I’ve grown to do other beekeeping things,” says Coates, who left Fairmont in 2012 to start her own company, BeeGrrl. “I’ve left the corporate hive, so to speak, and I started my own beekeeping business.”

You can read the full article here: Financial Post Story about BeeGrrl